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A widely shared vision among the industrial companies, members of IFN, is that the efficiency of upstream research is made difficult by various factors which limit the pertinence of orientations and allocation of funding.  :

  • spilling of research, especially with the lack of a laboratory or of a platform gathering a critical mass of researchers and developers;

  • low visibility of navigation in the innovation support system (Poles of Competitivity, National Research Agency...)

  • decrease of manpower in the government´s technical services which leads them to focus on management matters rather than to maintain their technical expertise in the field of navigation;

  • strong integration of the big softwares in industry and concern for protection of industrial property which limit the dialogue between industry and research and the access of research to the details of the most efficient tools.


The needs for competences are evolving. They require putting views in common in order to define comprehensive initial and update trainings suited to theese needs.

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