New needs, rapidly growing markets

Increasing requirementts show up in the fields of mobility, security an environmental protection :

  • reduce energy consumption

  • optimize the safety of people (e.g.elderly people, car riders), protect privacy

  • aid handicapped people (e.g.blind people)

  • harness new marketing modes

  • ddeliver a useful information consistent with navigation precision

  • increase road safety

  • optimize the management of land ways

Answering important society stakes, especially in urban areas, they generate new needs that create rapidly growing markets.

New sectors to cover, e.g.

  • real navigation capacities for road transport for a smart optimization of fuel consumption, not based on top speed limitation.

  • optimization of ship routes according to winds and streams

  • increasing the reactivity of relief in case of accident (road of health)

  • consumer market

Progress in « traditionnals » sectors (especially naval and aeronautic)

  • miniaturisation

  • increased integration of varied systems

  • use of incr´easingly richer data bases

  • intégrity, safety

  • precision

  • human factors

Economical stakes

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